SMART Event Marketing advertising agency offers complete regarding designing, developing and printing brochures, flyers and various materials for your sales team needs. We create brochures, catalogs, flyers and various promotional materials in various formats, depending on customer requirements. Also, we create brochures related to the coil, or stapled paperback and various finishes. SMART Event Marketing is a full service advertising agency offering integrated services Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Events and Advertising Production Services and Promotional Material. Avertising with positive ROI and successful event! We support marketing departments, PR and sales with a range of products and services for all communication strategies: Above the Line, Below the Line, Through the Line or Online. We offer services such as advertising through prints digital-offset, indoor and outdoor, advertising audio radio commercials, advertisements and TV commercials, websites, online advertising, landing pages, direct mail, promotions, promotional materials, events, fairs and exhibitions, integrated Marketing services, Communications, Public relations, Events and advertising Production services and Promotional material. SMART Event Marketing – Advertising done right!