SMART Event Marketing offers comprehensive services for professional website creation and web design. The design draws intrigue, stimulate, communicate, determined action. These are the main attributes of web design concept that we respect each site that you develop. Whether a presentation website, an online store, a personal blog, a news website or any other website design is user interface and an interface “unfriendly” will not help to attract users us new clients leading to the fulfillment of the site for commercial purposes. For each type of site, the design must be optimized so as to achieve specific goals determined by activity of the audience it addresses and many other custom items that vary from one company to another. If it’s an online store, highlighting products should be considered. Eventually the user should be prompted to take a buying decision. Also placing navigation elements so that controls the site to be more intuitive for the user. Eventually, no one has the time and patience to follow complicated procedures if he wants to order a shirt from an online store, for example. Whatever type of site, it must be consistent visual identity elements of the company’s logo colors, fonts. The site is an image element and by our Professional web design propose a representation company in the online environment. Websites developed by advertising agency SMART Event Marketing mix is made by the client’s vision on how they want to be represented in the online environment with our suggestions both in terms of visual design elements and functional ones. The result: a completely customized for the company to be able to get potential customers and collaborators in the online environment.