logomobilSMART Event Marketing offers comprehensive and professional services to create logo and slogan for companies who want a unique identity and distinctive design. The logo is undoubtedly the image that makes the difference between a company name, product or service and a BRAND.

SMART Event Marketing helps you make your own rules of corporate identity and visual communication, according to the objectives of positioning in the market segment for watching! We will help you build your message coded in colors, graphics and images so as to properly transmit their own corporate values, service or product. Apply strategies taking into account the corporate identity expression that should have a company or product to its target audience. The expression of a company, product or servicu, should create a special and authentic impression on the targeted market segment, PO. This will build particular and unmistakable image of the company. This action consists in the application of appropriate topics styles or company, all centered on core corporate identity – Corporate ID. Every company has determined a certain image, which, through effective planning and control, can turn into a coherent communication strategy in order to support at any time the product or service offered. Manual Image and Identity Corporate – Corporate ID that you realize after a thorough analysis of the industry, products or services offered will include a complete structure and detailed all aspects of logo, colors, fonts, images, watermarks, printing, personal clothing, office design, shop design, product design, etc. In some cases, for a project of Corporate Identity – Corporate ID complex, involve specialists from other fields, different advertising such as architects, engineers, interior designers, etc.