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SMART Event Marketing specialists helps to streamline your company’s communication with current and also potential customers in an efficient and professional way in both the written and online press channels(newspapers and magazines, blogs, websites, specialized etc.).

SMART Event Marketing communication division prepares and distributes articles, advertorials, testimonials and press releases in a targeted way, according to the media plan approved by the client.

We consider communication as being very important for all companies, even though we are talking about a corporation or a start-up. Each company needs articles to keep in touch with the customers, advertorials to promote offered products and services, and press releases to keep the customers closer, and up to date.With the whole dating and development of the Internet, press releases can be used to attract new customers and audiences. It is no secret that large companies invest considerable sums to promote press releases in different communication channels (online publications, news etc.).

Do you want to find out more information about SMART Event Marketing services? We kindly ask you to send us an e-mail at the address contact@event-marketing.ro. Also you can contact us by phone at the number +40.743.859.940.

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